5 Reasons Tris & Four Are Better Than Christian Grey & Ana Steele

Divergent's Tris And Four (Theo James and Shailene Woodley)

Our favorite literary couple hits the big screen at midnight!

Still don't know the plot of Divergent? A dystopian society is divided into five factions that all possess a different distinct quality. Every year, all 16-year-olds must take a test to determine which faction they belong in and they must choose between staying in their original factions or transferring to the new faction.

The story follows Beatrice Prior, who during her aptitude test learns that she doesn't fit into just one faction, but three of them, making her divergent. Being divergent means you're a threat to society, so Tris has to learn to hide her abilities from the world.

After choosing her faction, Tris meets Four and starts a pretty steamy love affair throughout the series. Even at 16, she still has a better relationship with Four than Ana Steele has with Christian Grey and here's why:

They have similar interests and beliefs.
Unlike Ana and Christian, Tris and Four were not only born into the same faction, but on the day of their aptitude tests they both chose bravery above all other traits and joined the Dauntless factions, proving that they share common goals. Ana Steele and Christian Grey come from very different backgrounds. There's nothing both of them share and while they teach each other about their lifestyles, a relationship can't last if your core values are different.

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Tris and Four aren't dependent on each other.
Ana really starts to rely on Christian and can't seem to live her life without him in it. Not exactly a sign of a healthy relationship. While Tris and Four work together in their relationship, they are together because they choose to be, not because they are dependent on each other. Tris could definitely hold her own without the help of Four. In fact, for most of the series Four isn't always around to help.

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They stay together during hard times.
Tris and Four are in the midst of a war between the factions and through it all they stay together. What hard times do Ana and Christian's relationship have to endure? Sorry, Christian is a dominatrix billionaire who has raging jealousy issues. Tris and Four have real problems to deal with, like Jeanine Matthews, who ironically would probably be a better fit for Christian than Ana.

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They talk openly when problems arise.
Communicating is one of the most important things in a relationship. Ana is always reserved when it comes to telling Christian how she feels, and instead bottles it all up, confused by her feelings. Any time there is a problem between Four and Tris, they talk about it. Sometimes, yes, they yell at each other, but at least they don't have a problem telling each other exactly what's on their minds and work to fix the situation.

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Tris and Four don't need a red room of pain.
Christian Grey can have "vanilla" sex, but he doesn't really enjoy it. So while Ana is busy compromising her body so that Christian can get off, Tris is having "vanilla" sex with Four and having a great time while doing it. Both relationships have just as much passion between the couples, but at least Tris didn't have to sign her rights away with paperwork.

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