Want To Get Healthy Fast? Compete With Your Partner!

couple running
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The benefits of going head to head.

In addition to trying to beat my own personal best race times for various distances, I'm chasing my partner's half-marathon personal record.

I want to beat him so badly, if only for the all-important teasing rights.

Never mind the fact that we're at different stages in our life — his work consuming much of his would-be training time, his speed not what it once was. His running peak is behind him, whereas mine lies ahead. I have no desire to make him feel poorly about his past or current accomplishments. He will always outsprint me, that I'm sure about.

Laughter is a big part of our relationship, and he remains proud of the fact that his fastest 13.1 miles are faster than mine (so are his marathon times), chiding me while simultaneously expressing pride over my accomplishments. In front of friends and families, he is my biggest fan, boasting that I'm the "athlete in the family," but at home, when it's just the two of us, he drives me mad with his ceaseless competitive nature.

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