Talk About A Bad Hair Day! The Craziest Celebrity Hairstyles

Lady Gaga

Think twice before trying these 'dos!

When it comes to getting ready for date night, we've all gone through a similar ritual, whether it's getting our hair done only to be frustrated at the final results or mentally screaming because the outfit we thought would be perfect for the date suddenly seems boring.

After encountering these fashion emergencies, this is usually where we turn to our favorite style stars for some much needed inspiration. With their perfectly trimmed haircuts and their fabulous accessories, emulating celebrity hairstyles has always seemed like the best option to save ourselves from leaving the house with a hairdo resembling a bird's nest. However, from Lady Gaga to Nicki Minaj, more celebrities have become less afraid of being caught with outlandish hairstyles and have taken to rocking crazy 'dos in public (re: Cara Delevingne, we see you girl). If you want to score a second date, using your favorite celebrities for hairstyle inspiration may not always be the best bet. In fact, the stars of today have definitely taken the term "bedhead" to another level!

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