Gasp! Celebrity Sex Quotes


What are they saying now?

Well celebrities, you've really done it this time. You've been chatting and tweeting all about sex, love, fatherhood and ... well, just read on to see what Miley had to say.

"Every time someone hits on me in the street it appears to be a teenager testing his sexuality on a safe target" - Lena Dunham on Twitter
"Next girl I have sex with I'm gonna tell her I love her right away as soon as I slip inside so I can make it official and we love each other" - Chris D'Elia on Twitter
"Miley Cyrus forgot the words to her own song during a concert Maybe she was just tongue tied - hers is a VERY busy tongue." - Joan Rivers on Twitter
"John is going to be a wonderful father He's such a wonderful uncle. He has lots of nieces and nephews and he's so great with them." - Chrissy Teigen in an interview with Life & Style
"I don't get near enough private time but I did bring my rubber fist #CosmoMiley" - Miley Cyrus in Twitter chat with Cosmopolitan Mag