Take Notes From Michelle Obama: Dressing Up For A Spring Wedding

Michelle and Barack Obama

Be sure not to upstage the bride!

Finding a dress for a spring wedding can leave you scratching your head, as there are a few requisites that one should follow when it comes to such momentous occasions. First off, unless specified, white is not an option. This color is solely for the bride — after all, it is her day, not yours. That said, wearing something opulent and eye-catching should be left to an event where you are the center of attention; leave the flash and the micro-minis at home. Now where does this leave you, you ask?

Elegance is key in this scenario, so terms like sleek and demure should be the priority. Anything with loud prints or an intricate silhouette may not be appropriate, especially if the wedding is at a church or synagogue. A hemline that reaches slightly above the knee is playing it safe. But you also don’t want to look like the mother of the bride, so make a statement with a striking color. Bold hues, on lace or silk crepe, will have you looking chic without taking the spotline away from the bride. Need more help? Look to Michelle Obama's classic wardrobe for inspiration.

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