See Ya Later, Hair: 8 Depilatory Products For Smooth Moves

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Avoid getting caught in a hairy situation with these at-home solutions.

Because no one likes to have an intimate moment interrupted by embarrassing stubble or irritable razor burn, avoid getting caught in a hairy situation with these fuss-free (and fuzz-free) finds.

Nair Spa Clay Body Cream, $9.99
If the mere thought of painful (and at least public to one person) salon waxing has you breaking out in hives, take a mental vacation with this Brazilian-inspired (and breezy) innovation from Nair. It features mango butter and acai berry for added moisture, along with Shower Power® technology and a special sponge for sprinkling away any stubble.


Refillable Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor, $11.99
Get close and personal (without rubbing your skin the wrong way) with this new razor from Gillette, which has 5-blades (spaced closer together for reduced pressure) nestled neatly in a supportive bed of aloe for a more gentle glide.


Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Hair Remover (Legs & Body), $9.99
Want to take a bolder (yet still budget-friendly) approach to hair removal? Opt for these beloved wax strips from Veet. Thanks to HairCoating technology, the wax is ready when you are (or hair is 2mm long) so you don't have to wait out what can be a grizzly grace period between salon appointments. Even more, the strips are pre-"stickied" and microwave-safe for foolproof (and fast) de-fuzzing.


Dr. Edna's BareEASE Prep Kit, $18
Has serious razor or wax burn had your panties in a twist? Provide an extra layer of TLC to tender skin with this prep kit, including pain-relieving cream and a disposable undergarment for easy clean-up.


Schick Hydro Silk Razor, $7.97
Schick's popular men's razor gets a girly makeover in this silky sensation, complete with five curve-sensing blades with skin guards for increased mobility and decreased irritation, along with a water-activated conditioning serum for more sensitivity.


Bliss Poetic Waxing Microwaveable Waxing Kit, $48
Feel like a pro (without the hassle and cords associated with having to keep a heater plugged in) with this multitasking, and microwave-friendly, kit from Bliss, which includes all of the essentials for setting up your own mini waxing studio (and is safe for body and face should for any lingering frizzies.


Nufree (Check your local salon for pricing)
If you're still set on the salon treatment, but want to take the sensitive route, look to Nufree, a hair removal system reminiscent of waxing but without the use of any actual wax, honey or sugar. Even more, it's antibacterial and antimicrobial for less chance of infection.


EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Shave Cream Set (3-Pack), $10.47
Still feel like you could use a little buffer when it comes to shaving? Whip up an extra layer of comfort between you and your razor with this dream cream from EOS. Not only will the paraben-free formula help protect you against cuts, but hints of pomegranate and raspberry will leave you smelling sweet enough to (almost) eat.