The Real Truth about Tantric Massage


Tantra has lots of techniques to awaken sexual energy for benefits of body, mind and spirit, and the

Tantra has lots of techniques to awaken sexual energy for benefits of body, mind and spirit, and the Tantric massage help to reduce the negative energy, give the rest to different parts of the body and can improve the flow of energy when done correctly. It is about going slow and not hurrying anything.
Though, this is sensual by nature, but does not involve actual penetrative sex, expert, prefer receiver should fully naked for the Proper Tantric masseuse, this helps the healing process all over your body, but if the receiver is more shy he/she can cover the body by keeping some clothes on.
The several people saying that this is a good way of self development so that more and more people adopting nowadays, and the felling bliss and joy internally as much experience, in addition it helps you to better understand and explore all the aspects of your sexuality in depth as well as give deeper understanding of the laws of life, in fact the number of services, increasing day by day, some have own website for online schedule or online booking process after hike in this field.
Steps to follow
No any doubt that it is a sensual full body massage, but the session should start with breathing and gazing exercises for a few minutes, and as giver or receiver both of you must keep it in mind that the organism is not the aim…
Here are some methods that help to make your session success and as a receiver get relaxation 
• As a receiver not a matter who are you male or female, just be open minded with the giver, surrender completely to your therapist for feel sensual touch completely.
• In case of female receiver, start with undressed here breast, if she is very shy and not allow to undress, try to drive accordingly, if not agree yet then allow her to keep one cloth on the breast.
• For a man give a full body massage to get him relax, and then proceed with male organ, testicles as well as g-spot, lift his penis like you want to pluck it, massage the testicles gently.
• When you are in action, then making sure to give special attention to the middle of the reviver body as well as their As you massage them making sure that you pay special attention to the middle of the body along with their head, throat, abdomen and bottom.
• Don’t be in hurry when you massaging the genital area even you can leave this until very last.
• If the receiver is a woman then she should lie on her back with a pillow under her head and a pillow under her hips, bring her legs up so that she exposes her vagina clearly in a comfortable way, and you have to sit between her legs with your legs crossed, so that you can do massage effectively and deeply
A Sensual Massage also helps to cool to Blow Partners Mind or to know the pleasure parts of the partner’s body, that also good for married or private life; it also can grow the romance in your life, and remake your life more romantic.