Festival fashion: When Hollywood comes in the Dirndl

Festival fashion: When Hollywood comes in the Dirndl

While they waited for the start of the Haute Couture presentation by Elie Saab, two German fashion expert talked last week in Paris on their own big robes shopping habits and, subsequently

, appropriate run occasions. One of the two referred to Austrian regions: "if I me ' time what buying a really fancy, I think me, I bring that to Salzburg." And probably rather not, because the lady there wants to go to the Christmas market.
Because, Festival activities, summer Salzburg City Centre transformed into a noble neighborhood lined with imaginary red carpet, so to speak the one and a half-month version of the State Opera of fixed stairs. That a "Golden"asphalt was applied prior to now seven years in the Festival district, would like understood as a beautiful tribute to this fact. Missing colour fastness and other defects left the stumbling block to become famously repeated the road surface.
Celebrities pressing to Salzburg should push but little on derlei – eventually hardly anyone looks to the ground: one sees and is seen and feeds on demanding high culture. In a country, the traditionally his "A-list-celebrities" recruited from the world of stage and Singspiel, a downright beguiling density of celebrity, there is here also. None is more important than the current Paramour and her anyone in the season anyway. No wonder, then, that there even own glossy magazines suitable for the occasion, which mutates the Getreidegasse a sort of counterpart to the Avenue Montaigne. Imaginative luxury brands can also be no slouch: great organizing side events, flying in celebrities white gold cocktail dress, and occur even as generous sponsors. For international flair is so worried - not only because German fashion editors here perform their most expensive evening dresses commemorate: the company of Montblanc, partner of the Festival which invites you to "Young Directors Project", for example usually movie stars from the English-speaking one.
So Teri Hatcher settled last year in the Festival City of curl; among other things, seen posing in the Dirndl Dress before the fortress. Yellow-Press titles such as the "daily mail" so there is something for a field day; We counted together one and one and praised the rustic look of the Hatcher in Salzburg, which was summarily renamed to better understand of the tabloid readers in "Sound of Music"-City. This summer, that was already announced pink dresses online, British actress Jane Seymour come to Salzburg. Since Seymour acts also as a testimonial of the British brand "Country Casuals", one may be curious, whether it along to promenade the Salzach in an English version of the "Austrian"look.

Couture and Schürzenkleider
Stylish performances have a long tradition of course away from the festival venues: In the upscale look of leisure guests by Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn gathered about for decades at their home in Fuschl. And that always understatement is asked in the Salzkammergut region, proves a passage in the novel Ingeborg Bachmanns "Malina" - the protagonist spends a few days at the Lake Wolfgang and visited her city friends on vacation there: "Christine runs restless by the House, bound with an old apron, so that you can't see the Saint Laurent dress among them." The adjustment of the metropolis dweller to the needs of the rural coloured chic is sometimes just slightly winded.
Apropos Komplikationen: Zum Spießrutenlauf gerät die Festspielzeit, die ihr ja nicht nur in Salzburg Tribut zollt, mit schöner Gewohnheit für die deutsche Kanzlerin. Die Auftritte von Opernfreundin Angela Merkel in Bayreuth rufen seit Jahren hämische Kommentatoren auf den Plan. Im Vorjahr tadelte man sie zum Beispiel, weil sie ein bereits 2008 ausgeführtes Kleid erneut ausführte. Seidensöckchen-Blitzer an ihren Füßen gereichten ebenso zur Freude von kritiksüchtigen Gemütern wie Merkels ähnlich einer Armbanduhr getragene Abendhandtasche mit Trageschlaufe (üblicherweise in der Handfläche und nicht am Handgelenk platziert) oder eine befürchtete (erhoffte?) Wiederholung der Dekolleté-Empörung wegen eines bei der Eröffnung der Osloer Oper getragenen Outfits. Frau Merkel lässt sich bravouröserweise nicht beirren und wird wohl auch heuer wieder festen Schrittes den Grünen Hügel erklimmen.