Guess Who's Back? The Swiss Cheese Pervert Strikes Again!


Can this guy stop ruining Swiss cheese for everyone?


You might remember the sadly true story of 42-year-old Christopher Pagano, who exposed his penis to women and asked them to pleasure him with Swiss cheese back in January in Mayfair, PA. After being captured on camera in his car with his favorite snack, he is now back in action — allegedly!

A fourth woman has come forward accusing Pagano of exposing his penis to her and then asking her to pleasure him with a slice of cheese. Pagano reportedly turned himself in on the latest charges and was later released after posting 10 percent of his imposed bail that totaled $90,000. A witness named Gabby Chest tweeted a picture of the Swiss cheese pervert in action, calling him a creep.

Maybe he would have better luck on Craiglist finding a Swiss cheese-loving lady? That would result in a lot less charges and financial penalties.

Look at the photo of the Swiss cheese pervert here:  The Accused 'Swiss Cheese Pervert' Is Back

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