Whipping Love Into Shape: 11 Signs You're A Relationship Flogger

woman biting down on whip

Sometimes whips can be cool, but a relationship flogger isn't so fun...

Relationships are tough, and when they aren't working out the way we would like we sometimes stay in them and are hell-bent on changing things around. Perhaps you want your partner to just stop leaving dirty socks on the floor. Or maybe you want to take the next big step in your relationship.

But are these desires turning you into one of the many people who are too busy 'flogging' a relationship to turn it into something it's not? Of course we are not talking about the type of flogging that has to do with a switch, but possibly the verbal kind that has to do with a lot of questions and arguments between you and your partner because the relationship isn't what you envisioned. Still not sure if you're a relationship flogger? Well, here are 11 signs that will definitely clear things up for you.

1. Relationships are work!

You believe that true love means putting up with everything, through thick and thin. If you're not working harder than a gravel layer on a sweltering hot day, then you don't think you're really in love.

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