The Benefits of Quitting Smoking - And How to Do It


Quitting smoking is better for your health and lifestyle. We're going to look at how you can do it.

Whether you're trying to improve your appearance for a first date or just so you can feel better about yourself, there's one thing you might not have considered that can make a huge difference - quitting smoking. The reality is, smoking is bad for your health and it can also ruin your appearance. Tobacco smoke ages your skin and makes your teeth discoloured. And it makes you smell. You've probably aware of the health benefits associated with quitting smoking, but there are other benefits too. Giving up tobacco can make you look good, feel great - and have more money in your pocket. We're going to look at some of the best ways of quitting smoking.


Cold Turkey


This is probably the hardest, but it can work if you've got the willpower to stick at it. Cold turkey simply means stopping with no other help. Going from smoking however many a day to smoking nothing. It can be tough to get past the desire for some nicotine, but the rewards are worth it. Cold turkey won't work for everyone, especially if you spend a lot of time near other smokers.




Whilst e-cigarettes are relatively new to the market, they're making a big impact. E-cigs don't contain the same harmful carcinogens and chemicals that traditional cigarettes do. The main benefit of using e-cigs is that you can still take part in "smoking" activities as you still inhale the vapour - it's just not as bad for you. E-cigs don't make your clothes smell, they don't ruin your teeth and they're cheaper. Not only that, but you can "smoke" them indoors despite the smoking ban.


E-cigarettes can be far more effective when compared to going cold turkey because you still get a hit of nicotine - but in a much healthier environment. That means you can ease off of normal cigarettes whilst still giving your body some of the nicotine it's been addicted to.


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Patches & Other Methods


Patches have been around for a long while, and can still be effective. You're body still gets a fix of nicotine, but your brain doesn't think you're still smoking. That's why e-cigarettes are potentially more effective, because you still get to go through the motions of smoking.


Hopefully, one of these methods will be successful in helping you quit smoking today.