Date Night Beauty: 6 Smoking Hot Looks We Dare You Try This Week

bright pink lipstick

Sexy brows, wild streaks, luxe lashes — we challenge you to test out these bold looks!

When it comes to coupledom, there's a big difference between settling in ("finally!") and falling asleep ("what happened?").

Reignite the excitement of not knowing what to expect next that kept you hanging on to every date in the early days (combined with the comfort of having defined your relationship) with these quick (and commitment-free) fixes.


A Bright Lip

In need of a little more affection? Give him no choice but to read your lips with this Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon, $24. Not only will the hot pink hue make every pout count, but the formula has staying power so he can't use color transfer as an excuse for a lower kiss count.


Wild Streaks

Add some spunk to your strands (without having to shell out big bucks on hair color you'll need to have re-dyed by your next conference) with Rita Hazan Pop Color, $18. Especially great for a night of dancing and offered in three saturated shades, it can be used to create highlights, ombre tips or peek-a-boo strands surrounding the neck for a touch of (more conservative) mystery.


Strip Tease

Like lingerie for your fingertips, take him back to "La La Land" with these lacy Incoco Behind the Scenes Nail Polish Appliques, $8.99. Unlike all that bell and whistle hosiery, these will go on quick and painless (and last at least a week).

Luxe Lashes

If you're not getting the eye contact you crave, mesmer-eyes him with this Sephora Eyes the Limit Set, $10. In addition to long, lush false lashes and glue for applying, it features eye liner for adding extra smoke where there's fire.

Liquid Assets

Sweet makeup look feeling a bit stale? Shake things up (to your liking) with this Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, $19. Not only can you choose from a spectrum of concert-friendly colors (we suggest this Glam Rock shade for beginners), but you control the amount of edge, ranging from a fine line across the lower lashline to a full-on lava lid.


Bold Brows

If you're looking to make a subtle, yet equally impactful, change, try betting on your brows. This Benefit Cosmetics Smokin' Eyes Sexy Eye & Brow Makeover Kit, $36, comes equipped with all the grooming essentials for getting back in shape, along with three sexy shadows for putting on the charm.