Perk Up! Makeup Tricks To Disguise Tired Eyes

eye makeup

These are the kind of bedroom eyes you DON'T want.

When we skimp out on sleep, concealer is our number one go-to because it hides dark circles seamlessly. But what about puffy under eyes and redness circling the iris? Concealer may be a trusted companion, but it shouldn't be your only ammo against a short night of sleep. Add these eye makeup ideas to your routine on mornings when the snooze button just wasn't enough.

Add Shimmer

Because light reflects off of shimmer eyeshadow, it brightens the eyes and takes focus away from dark circles. Apply light shimmer eyeshadow — white, pale pink or a soft taupe — in the inner corners to open up the eye. Finish with shimmer shadow on the brow bone to focus attention up away from the dark circles. 

Trace with White Eyeliner

White eyeliner also opens up the face and makes eyes look bigger. And for days when eyes look bloodshot, the white camouflages redness and makes the whites of eyes look whiter.

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