'The Bachelor' Spoiler! Juan Pablo Gives His Final Rose To ...


Women Tell All is everyone's favorite episode in any Bachelor season! We finally hear the best inside scoop on all the drama straight from the ladies who caused it, and let's not forget we're just one week away from Juan Pablo Galavis choosing his final lady love.

And — spoiler alert! — in what may be one of the worst kept secrets in Bachelor history, Juan Pablo sends Clare Crawley home (we presume an emotional wreck) and gives Nikki the final rose. Between Juan Pablo introducing Nikki to his family at Camila's dance recital during their one-on-one date in Miami and spoilers roaming the web for weeks, it is really little surprise that Nikki is going to be the last woman standing. But ....

Yes, there's a 'but.'

In a twist you may not have seen coming, the rose is the only thing Juan Pablo's handing Nikki next week. That's right, for the first time since Brad Womack's first stint as The Bachelor, there isn't a proposal at the end. That would explain why Juan Pablo dodged our questions about a proposal back in January.

We'll have to wait and see what specific reasons he gives for not popping out of a free rock. Hundred bucks says we hear, "I have a daughter."

So what do you think: Is Nikki the right choice for Juan Pablo? Click here to find out if Juan and Nikki are still together! 

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