The Most Desirable Woman On OKCupid Spills Her Profile Secrets

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Get 5 online dating tips from the woman who receives 245 messages a week.

There have been studies that broke down what the perfect dating profile looks like, but we have yet to come across someone who has one until now. NYMag.com went to OK Cupid co-founder, Christian Rudder and OKTrends data to find the most desirable singles on OKCupid. One was awesome enough to them give five online dating tips.

The most desirable straight woman in New York City is a 23-year-old makeup artist named Lauren. She receives 245 messages a week and has more than 8,000 five-star ratings from other men. Lauren has been on the site for two years and she has gone on about 20 dates. Although she has a lot of success getting attention online she has yet to really find love from it. But, she has seemed to crack the code that a lot of people are still navigating through. 

So what does she think is the most important thing for a dating profile? What should you say exactly that you are looking for? She has all the answers!

Find out what her 5 online dating tips are here: 5 Online Dating Tips From The Most Desirable Woman On OKCupid

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