Boozy Baking: Easy Cupcakes & Cocktails For Two


These recipes are a sweet-lover's dream.


There was some discussion a couple of years ago when pie shops were sprouting up across New York, forcing the beloved cupcake out and replacing it with a warm slice of buttery blueberry pie. Much as we don't begrudge the all-American dessert any success, we've yet to see any proof of the cupcake's demise. If anything, the little handheld treat has risen to recent new heights. Master pastry chefs have inspired us to get batter-creative in our own kitchens as we whip up a batch for our kids' birthday parties or bring a couple dozen to a potluck dinner party.

Less expensive than a slice of bakery layer cake and a heck of a lot easier to make at home, the cupcake continues to maintain a strong foothold in our dessert repertoire, with alcohol-laced cupcake recipes popping up all over our favorite foodie sites. In New York, Prohibition Bakery turns out mini-cakes so potent that they require an ID before purchase! Our version is also strictly for the grownups.

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