Um, What?! Celebs Wearing Underwear As Outerwear

Jennifer Hudson

Everyone from Courtney Stodden to Salma Hayek is embracing this new (scandalous) trend.

Sigh. It's another case of wardrobe malfunction versus fashion statement and we think we know which side these bold celebs are on.

Style trends come and go, and right now, wearing a bra — just a bra — without a shirt is having a huge moment. It started with the innocent-enough '90s crop top, and now, stars like Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga have taken it to a whole new level. Some, like Selena Gomez, wear the trend more conservatively, while others, like Nicki Minaj, let it all hang out ... a little too literally.

Head over to Fox News Entertainment for the slideshow: Stars Who Think Bras Are Tops

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