Join Helen Fisher In Exploring Your Heart And Mind

Helen Fisher

Ever wondered where love originates in the brain? Helen Fisher can show you.

Here at YourTango, we are huge fans of Dr. Helen Fisher, the famed biological anthropologist and mastermind behind such TED Talks as Why We Love, Why We Cheat, and The Brain in Love. Dr. Fisher has spent more than thirty years studying human interpersonal attraction, and has become the most-referenced scholar in her field. Her latest venture intends to teach us all a thing about love, chemistry and where it all comes from. Along with her partner Dr.  Lucy Brown (a Clinical Professor in the Department of Neurology at Einstein College of Medicine), Helen will create a giant, virtual brain designed to teach people of all ages how the brain works and where our emotions and impulses come from. They say of the project, "We will develop a highly entertaining, virtual experience. This is a never-before-attempted way to teach about the brain.  It will be fun, and use the talents of artists as well as educators.  This is a science and art collaboration.  Along the way, it will show people how the brain works. We will take visitors through the brain's many pathways, factories and circuits-- including those that produce our emotions and thoughts." They have even brought in the brilliant illustrator and writer David Macaulay as a design consultant. 

But nothing grows in a vacuum. The ladies have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to create their impressive virtual project. To pledge funds to Helen and Lucy’s project, visit their Kickstarter page (here) and make a donation. Contributions start at $1 -- because every dollar helps!

Join Helen and Lucy in this noble cause, and learn a little something about yourself and the circuits in your own brain that make your heart grow fonder.

To see Helen in action, check out her 2006 TED Talk!

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