All Night Long: The State That Lasts The Longest In Bed Is ....

couple kissing in bed

But, the longest time may surprise you.

You've got to love data collection! We already know how the states rank by penis size, but now we know how the states compare to one another when it comes to who can last the longest in bed.

Now before giving the low results, let's be fair. Taking a long time in the sack doesn't make the sex better. In fact many women would probably argue the opposite, but you would be surprised by the average time of some of these people.

The information was collected from 10,000 users of the app Spreadsheets. This app helps track different things about your sexual performance such as thrusts per minute, duration and orgasmic decibel levels. Thanks to people's weird impulse to track this information we can get a better look at how people compare to each other.

What about the results? Well honestly no one's time is that impressive. No one even comes close to 10 minutes!

Find out which state's average time is the longest here: See Which States Last The Longest In The Sack (Spoiler Alert: Nobody’s Breaking 10 Minutes)

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