No Love, Lots Of Drama For Mica Hughes On 'Blood, Sweat & Heels'

Mica Hughes
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Mica and her castmate Demetria Lucas are at odds now more than ever.

In the latest installment of Bravo's new reality TV series, Blood, Sweat & Heels, cast members ganged up on fellow star Mica Hughes mere hours after her terminally ill father passed away. Ouch.

Instead, they collectively confronted her because she was late for their dinner plans. Hello Beautiful spoke with the grieving model in an exclusive interview, to get her version of events and to uncover why she thinks costar Demetria won't give her a chance. Does she think they'll ever see eye to eye? "That just made me feel like they were two women who didn't want to be my friend," she says. "They were just trying to break me down. I'm still trying to figure that out with Demetria, why she doesn't like me.

Find out what she called Demetria in Hello Beautiful's exclusive interview: Blood, Sweat & Heels Star Mica On Demetria

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