Fantastic Celebrity Sex Quotes


Oh my, the things they say.

Celebrities can get away with a lot, and talking about sex is top of the list. Valentine's Day passed this week, so you know they had something to say about that, as well as covering Madonna, breasts and pop culture.



"Many girls will be receiving the gift of lingerie this #ValentinesDay Because that's just what true love is. A man dressing you for sex." - Dane Cook on Twitter.
"I love being back here in New York City, where for $ you can ride the subway all night long. For $2.75 you can ride Madonna." - Joan Rivers.
"If #themindyproject was on @netflix what category would it be in? Cerebral Erotic Thriller with a Strong Female Lead?" - Mindy Kaling on Twitter
"I was mesmerized by kims boobs for a min Normal #KUWTK" - Khloe Kardashian on Twitter.
"The girl can't help it!" - Anna Kendrick on Twitter, regarding Katy Perry grabbing her chest