Sorry, I Can Only Be Your Anti-Valentine This Year

rejecting flowers

Love should be celebrated every day of the year.

There is something about Valentine's Day that drives women into a frenzy of emotions. There is the bitter girl, the angry girl, the "I don't need a man anyway" girl, the over-emotional girl, and the "I'm in love with love" girl. Which one are you? I think on some level I may have been everyone of these girls at different points in my love life.

There were the high school years of pure naiveté when I thought the girls who had huge flower bouquets, candy-grams, or dates for Valentine's were the luckiest and prettiest girls. Then, came the college years when I had my string of heartbreaks and thus couldn't care less about Valentine's Day. Fast-forward to after graduation when I hoped to live out the type of Valentine's Day you see in the movies: He sends you flowers at work. You arrive at his house after work and walk into a room filled with rose pedals strewn across the floor, and candles lit. There is dinner, wine, and the most amazing night ending with making love while Sade plays in the background. Needless to say that did not occur — and frankly has yet to happen.

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