Bethenny Lost Her Virginity On Valentine's Day! How Old Was She?

Bethenny Frankel
Love, Sex

And who's the guy who stole Bethenny's V-card?

Bethenny Frankel has always been pretty open about her life, and the Valentine's Day episode of her eponymous talk show is no different.

While chatting about Valentine's Day memories on Bethenny, Frankel gushed to guest Yvette Nicole Brown, "I lost my virginity at 16 years old on Valentine's Day with my love!"

Apparently the February 14th themed chatter sparked the memory.

"That's a big deal for it to happen on Valentine's Day," the Skinnygirl mogul and mother of one added. So who was the lucky man?

"His name is Mike Parrish," she smirked. "He was a football player, really cute — we were really in love!"

Uh oh. Does Frankel's new boo, Michael A. Cerussi III, be worried? Not quite. When Brown asked Frankel if she keeps in contact with her first love and first lover, she chuckled, "Do I still talk to him? No. But he was in my E! True Hollywood Story for a second."

Ah, young love. And old thirst.


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