7 'Romantic' Movies To Watch With Her On Valentine's Day

Couple watching TV

Snowpocalpse? No problem. Have VDay indoors this year!

Valentine's Day falls on a Friday this year. Since you'll no doubt spend the weekend doing the traditional going out to dinner, presenting flowers, and giving gifts of lingerie, you may be able to have a laid back February 14th.

And may we suggest renting a romantic movie? Well, a "romantic" movie. As long as she doesn't have a PhD in film studies, you may be able to suggest romantic-sounding Netflix titles that are actually anything but. Sure, after the credits roll you might have some 'splaining to do, but it beats two hours of watching pants travel.

1. The French Connection (1971)

Stars: Gene Hackman, Roy Schneider, Fernando Rey

How you'll sell it: "For starters, it won 5 Academy Awards — including Best Picture. It's about a couple of New Yorkers who encounter some brooding Frenchmen who’ve ridden in on white horses."

What you'll see: Two hard-boiled New York City narcotics cops kicking some French drug-smuggler a**. Oh, and one of the most amazing car chases ever committed to film.

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