11 Wacky New Sex Toys You Haven't Tried

couple in bed

Did someone say "third-level orgasm"? Yes. Yes, they did

Say goodbye to the old phallic-shaped vibrators you're used to seeing. Manufacturers are coming out with a totally new breed of sex toys, and they're pretty damn interesting. Check out these new pleasure-inducing products that deserve a spot in your bedside drawer.

Trojan Vibrating Multi-Thrill
Consider this the Swiss Army knife of vibrators It comes with three different textures so you can switch things up whenever you want.
$24.99; TrojanVibrations.com
Lelo Ora
This little circular massager is the first-ever oral sex simulator It's totally customizable, with 10 different "stimulations" and various speeds, so it might actually be even better than the real thing.

$169; Lelo.com