There's A New Dating Dealbreaker In Town — Your Apartment

messy kitchen

From roommates to big windows, this infographic reveals the biggest apartment turn-ons & turn-offs.

Have you ever been out on a date that was so awesome, you were certain that you had found THE One? Did you think that this is the person you're going to marry and grow old with, but then you went to their apartment and everything came tumbling down? You're not a bad person if you let love slip away because you realize your potential soulmate is total slob or has a roommate who sacrifices kittens every Monday night. In fact, you're kind of in the majority.

Rent.com conducted a survey to see if where and how someone lives would have any effect on their dating life, and not very surprisingly, it does. Of renters who participated in the study, 67 percent said that if they met someone with a great apartment, it would pique their interest in that person even more. Can you blame them? When this statistic was broken in down, it was found that such importance is most prevalent when people are between 18 and 24 at 79 percent, compared to the older group of 48 to 67 years old who probably think there just might be more important concerns in finding a partner; they came in at 54 percent.