Did 'The Bachelor's' Clare Crawley Have Sex With Juan Pablo?

'The Bachelor's' Clare Crawley

YourTango: How were you able to bounce back after such an awkward conversation?
Clare Crawley:
I think I chalked it up at the time to, a. I wanted to stand up for myself because I still felt and believed — to this day — I did nothing wrong; we did nothing wrong. And I needed to get answers as well, as I didn't want to give up on somebody ... It was [as] much his decision, me staying there, as it was my decision. And so, if I didn't get the answers that I wanted, I was more than willing to cut my losses and stand up for myself. I think I just had that clear line in my head of what I want and what I don't want, and what I'll stand up for and what I won't put up with. So it made it easy for me to just move on. Life's not always easy so you just have to work through things. And at that time, I wanted to be there.

YourTango: Who do you feel is your biggest competition in the house?
Clare Crawley:
 As strange as this sounds, it wasn't competition. I know that's probably cheesy to say, but I felt like it's not a competition. You can't; it's not like the best wins ... You can't make a connection happen. You can't make chemistry happen. It's who he chooses and who works for him, and what he's attracted to and what he likes. And so whether he chooses to keep people around or not, it's not competition. It was always, 'What is he looking for? What does he want?' And at the end of the day, hopefully it's love and you can't compete for that. There could be 500 women there. There could be two women.

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