4 Ways Texting Can Ruin Your New Relationship

woman in bed looking at phone

Read this before you text.

There is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to technology for relationships. Many long distance relationships can thrive because of it due to Skype, cell phones, and FaceTime. But does texting help relationships thrive? Or instead does communicating through texting leave both people confused and harm their relationship?

Texting angrily

Texting can go wrong in many ways. When you're typing you're missing out on a very important key to communication — tone! Was that little comment a joke or a jab? Instead of texting angrily learn how defuse the situation and later continue the serious conversation when you are face-to-face.

Not being available in person

Let's be honest. Most of us keep our phones within arms distance at all times — and that includes when we are in bed. But how can you be intimate with someone if you keep hearing your phone go off? This is also a negative way that texting ruins your relationship that many don't think about. In order to improve intimacy in your relationship. turn your phone on silent at night so you are more focused on being intimate.

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