YourTango Urges Readers: 'Break Up With Your Ex' By February 13th


And give love a fresh start on Valentine's!

New York, NY – February 4, 2014 — Still attached to an old flame? You're not alone. In a survey conducted by YourTango—the digital leader in love and relationships—86% of people cite that they would benefit from breaking up with their ex. That's why YourTango has launched its fourth annual "Break Up With Your Ex" campaign. YourTango encourages people to cut ties with their exes, both online and off, by February 13th—and offers an abundance of assistance to do so.

In the digital age, moving on has its challenges. While 66% of the people surveyed claim to delete digital photos of their exes and 61% claim to unfriend their exes on Faceback, 67% nevertheless agree the digital age we live in makes it harder to leave old relationships behind.

In reference to checking their exes' social pages, 51% claim to do it every now and then while 7% fess up to doing it "every damn day." 53% claim that cutting all ties to an ex feels "too final."

"The week or two before Valentine's is the perfect time to make a clean break from an ex and get on the path toward a fulfilling relationship," says YourTango CEO, Andrea Miller. "Great to see 2/3 of respondents agree that spending time with other loved ones is the best remedy for a broken heart, followed by physical exercise…and not drowning ones sorrows in pints of Ben & Jerry's, listening to sad songs!"

Additional findings include:
• 64% of people admit to having obsessed over a past relationship.
• 52% say it's nostalgia that keeps them hooked. Only 18% claim to hang on for the sex.
• 28% of respondents have sought professional help; 34% would consider it.
• 55% of respondents have gotten jealous of their partner's attachment to an ex. So if you don't cut off ties for yourself, do it for the one you're with.
• 51% of those surveyed do not believe exes can ever really be friends.

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