12 Creepiest Valentine's Day Cards


No one wants to see that.

Valentine's Day cards are a great way of expressing your love. Some are sweet. Others are funny. Yet more are poignant and touching. Those are the winners. And then there are the…let's call them less-than-winning cards. They are creepy as all get out, and they are here for your enjoyment.



Well, at least this one gets right to the point
Wow They really do make a card for everyone.
Cat bondage? No Just, no.
Okay, this one's actually kind of sweet
Well, that's a face that will stick with you
That's dedication for you
Those stalkers, they know just what to say…to make you call the cops
Hey, if you stay around even after seeing this face, you know you've found love
Ooh, somebody's getting smacked!
Yeah, because cannibalism is always acceptable
Well, the sentiment is there, I guess