6 Must-Read Tips For Couples Moving In Together

couple moving in

Design expert Tiffany Brooks shares her wisdom!

She's this year's Design Star winner and host of Most Embarrassing Rooms in America on HGTV. The Chicago native, wife and mother, who also operates her own design firm, finds herself working with newlyweds often. So we decided to tap her expertise to get some insight for couples entering the world of marital cohabitation. Tiffany shares these tips:

1. Start Your Search ... Soon! Consider the number of days, weeks and even months you've devoted to planning your wedding, which typically lasts just one day. Isn't it only logical to devote significant time to planning the living space you will share with your spouse for the next several years? Begin by asking a few key questions of each other, “Will we rent or own? City living or the ‘burbs? Are children a consideration?” The ideal time to start planning for your future living situation is six to nine months before the wedding.

2. Inventory Your Belongings. During a lull in the wedding planning, take time out to assess your combined belongings. Keep those items that carry sentimental value, while dividing the rest into three categories: sell, donate or keep. Having a clear picture of what you already have will not only make shopping for furnishings go more smoothly, it will also help prevent impulse buying.

3 . Think Turnkey. I don't recommend getting a fixer-upper for your first place. From the laundry list of crucial decisions, to unexpected costs (especially when there may still be lingering wedding expenses), to a possible clash of opinions, renovations can cause major stress in a marriage. Instead, enjoy the honeymoon stage of your marriage and consider waiting one to two years before tackling a major home project.

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