20 Things You Don't Know About 'The First Wives Club'

'The First Wives Club'

There is nothing better than a night in with wine and the ladies of 'The First Wives Club.'

If you are a woman and haven't seen this movie, you really need to reevaluate your life.

Back in 1996, Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton starred in the best revenge-against-an-ex movie probably ever made. Although it's been 18 years, we're still hoping that by some act of magic, there will be a sequel. Do you hear us, Bette? Make it happen.

The First Wives Club was one of Bette Midler's favorite movies. She was asked to leave the set multiple times because she couldn't stop laughing.
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Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton were all born within 45 days of each other and celebrated their 50th birthdays together while filming the movie.
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Before they cast Goldie Hawn, supreme leader Jessica Lange was considered for the role of Elise Elliot.
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The doctors actually injected Goldie Hawn's lips with saline solution to create a fake collagen look. She said that it was actually kind of painful!
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The three girls were all on board to make a sequel, but the studio said the success of the first movie was a fluke.
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The film opened at No. 1 and grossed over $100,000,000 in the US alone.
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The First Wives Club was Eileen Heckart's (Annie's mother) last film.
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Jon Stewart had a small role in the movie, but it was cut during the edits!
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The First Wives Club was Timothy Olyphant's first on-screen role. Now we know him for his roles on Justified, Damages and Deadwood.
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Goldie Hawn's father is the descendant of Edward Rutledge, the youngest person to sign the Declaration of Independence.
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Speaking of strong women, the project originally belonged to Sherry Lansing, who was the first woman to head a Hollywood studio.
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Bette Midler has admitted that she once got revenge on an ex by messing up his mother's car, but only a little bit!
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Diane Keaton was the first one to be cast in the movie, having worked with the producer in other movies.
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Even though Sarah Jessica Parker was portraying a 20-something, she was 31 when the movie came out.
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The First Wives Club is based off a book written by Olivia Goldsmith. She wrote the novel after her first husband got most of her possessions in their divorce.
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When Brenda asks Elise how much plastic surgery she's gotten, Elise responds, "I got the whole enchilada." This line was originally, "I got the whole Ivana," but was changed last minute due to Ivana Trump making an appearance in the movie.
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The First Wives Club was the second time that Diane Keaton and Jennifer Dundas played mother and daughter in a movie. Mrs. Soffel was the first.
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Diane Keaton is the only one of the wives in the movie to have never been married IRL.
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Jenny McCarthy was originally approached to play 16-year-old Phoebe LaVelle.
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Finally, remember when everyone freaked out about J Law saying "I beat Meryl!" in her Golden Globes acceptance speech? Well, it was actually a Bette Midler quote from The First Wives Club.
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