Andy Samberg: Joe Theismann's On 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Tonight!

Andy Samberg

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' airs after the Super Bowl tonight! "We're very excited," Samberg gushes.

When Andy Samberg snagged a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy series, he couldn't have been more stunned — and that went double when his cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine took the Best Comedy Series award.

But the newlywed, who married harpist, pianist, vocalist, and songwriter Joanna Newsom in September, wasn't too speechless to give her a sweet shout-out in his acceptance speech, thanking "my beautiful and incredible wife Joanna who I love so much." Aww! 

YourTango: That was such a nice thing to say about your wife when you won.

Andy Samberg: She's a very sweet person. I'm glad I didn't forget!

YourTango: How did you celebrate?

Andy Samberg: I went out and had some drinks with my wife and friends.

YourTango: Did you ever think you might win?

Andy Samberg: Not at all. I thought any of the shows or actors in both categories were gonna win before we would. It was a nice surprise. The category I was in, I couldn't believe I was in the same category as those guys.

YourTango: So how's married life? What's the biggest surprise about it?

Andy Samberg: No surprises, it's been great. I guess the surprise is how great and easy it's been.

YourTango: Where did you honeymoon?

Andy Samberg: We went to the Maldives. We scuba dived for the first time, saw sea turtles. Loved it!

YourTango: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on after the Super Bowl this year.

Andy Samberg: Yeah, we're very excited. We have a cameo from Joe Theismann!

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