Lying in Wait or Hooking the Bait – It’s time to Date!


Some nice dating tips for the <a href=>bald male</a>

Dating is touchy. Dating while a single balding male can be even more touchy. The fact is finding Miss Right in the midst of a full-time job and a thinning hairline is not easy for any man. You can harass the women in your workplace all you want, but generally you’ll only come out with extra paperwork, legal fees, and the one on the outside of all those inside jokes. That’s why I’m here, as your personal dating expert. I’m here to give you advice on how to fix all your dating woes and gain back that lost confidence.
I was once the kind of lonely guy who lived in a poorly kept studio apartment and used pizza box cardboard as my weekly dinner plate. I was the guy who tried hiding my male pattern baldness with a combover. Now I’m happily mingling and no longer concerned about being cold and alone in this dark, cruel world. The ladies love me! And here’s how I did it:
- Join a Health Club. College was easy for you to pick up female contacts. But when you get to the real world, those old tricks no longer work. A health club is the perfect place to get out there. When you see a potential candidate in the gym, ask about workout tips. If there is one thing a woman loves, it’s talking about herself. Questions, questions, questions. There will be time to talk about you later.

- Dress with Swag. Collared shirts, boots, khakis, matching belts, and casual penny loafers. Keep it real, keep it simple. Keep it fresh.

- Get ‘em to Bite on a Dating Site. Shy and socially awkward fellas take notice. It’s the chance for a clean slate and a fresh beginning. Most dating websites allow interest-matching, ensuring you’ll only get paired up with women that you have things in common with. I know one particular website that allows users to vote yes/no if you think they’re cute or not. If they think you’re cute too, the site will automatically schedule a date between the two singles.

- Mingle because you’re Single! Just talk to people. Most single males overthink and overanalyze how a conversation goes and what the other person is thinking. You’ll lose the battle before you even begin. Don’t think, just relax and let the conversation flow.

- Currently . In short, be interesting. No one enjoys talking to someone with nothing to talk about. Pay attention to the news and current events.

- It’s over, Mr. Combover. If it’s that big of a deal, shave your head or spend a bit more to multiply those follicles. Bruce Willis looks fine bald and Steve Young can pass doing the fake hair thing. Having a combover is like trying to use dozen spaghetti noodles as a solar shade.
Dating isn’t as scary as you think it is as a balding male. Also don’t be afraid to tell any of your friends that you’re looking to date. You’d be surprised at how many contacts you can pick up simply by throwing your name into the singles’ circle. Maybe 99 of those don’t pan out, but when that 1 does, it’ll feel like Christmas morning when you were a kid.