Strip Down: Try This Sexy, Bra-Baring Date Idea That Gives Back

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A date night that involves bedazzled bras and supporting a good cause? Sign us up!

With Valentine's Day approaching, we've been giving you tons of easy ways to strengthen your relationship, whether it's through learning, seduction or communication. And now here's a fun new idea that combines all of that — and gives you the opportunity to support an important cause as a couple.

Did we mention you get to show off your sexiest lingerie?

The MoonWalk New York City 2014 is a night-time marathon (or half-marathon) where men and women power walk in, you guessed it, decorated bras to raise money and awareness for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Breast Examination Center, which gives breast cancer screenings for underserved, Harlem women at no out-of-pocket cost. 

The second annual walk will take place on July 26th-27th in New York City, which gives you plenty of time to lace up, train and strip down with your significant other. 

And if you've ever worked out as a couple, you know how beneficial it can be to your relationship, from improving communication and your ability to work together toward achieving goals. If you haven't, now's the time to take off your shirts and hit the pavement.

About a month before the race, you'll receive your hats, T-shirts and your bras to decorate however you wish. Yep, he's also wearing lingerie — and in this case, he'll be proud to.

Single? There's plenty of reasons to gather friends and and attend the fun bra-baring event.

Get out there, start power walking and break out the Bedazzler. 

Learn more about walk below.

Register for the walk here.

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