Date Night Beauty Ideas: Get Lorde's Look From The Grammys

Lorde at The Grammys

She makes goth look chic!

The Grammy's beauty may have been the most boring to-date, but newcomer Lorde (who took home two Grammys) kept it interesting, bringing her signature gothic vibe to the red carpet. Below, we break down her entire look from those gorgeous easy-breezy waves to her extreme nail art.


While Lorde did spend some time with a flat-iron last night, we're thankful she didn't go pin-straight. She kept shape with messy waves and lots of texture. With naturally thick hair like Lorde's, the simple way to get this look is by straightening all of the hair, braiding it into two or three sections, and then pressing the straightener over the braids. Within 30 seconds, the texture should be set. Release the hair for natural-looking waves.

For those with naturally straight hair, get loose waves with a 1 1/2-inch curling iron. When wrapping around the wand, leave large spaces between the strand, releasing the hair in seconds. (The longer you leave the hair on the iron, the more it will look like a ringlet opposed to a wave.) After finishing the entire head, brush out the waves with a round brush. Apply texturizing spray all over the hair, scrunching with your fingertips to create hold.

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