Did Catherine Giudice & Sean Lowe Really Wait To Have Sex?

Catherine Giudici & Sean Lowe

The answer was revealed when Sean took a polygraph test on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Now that all the juicy details of SeanCat's marriage have been put to rest, fans of The Bachelor have one last burning question. Sean, a born-again virgin, has made no secret of his Puritanical feelings on sex before marriage, so the question remains: Did the couple go their entire 14-month engagement without, ahem, doing the deed?

The pair appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live days before their wedding in an effort to gain publicity for the event, but Kimmel only had one thing on his agenda. In an effort to get a straight answer once and for all, the television host hooked Catherine and Sean up to a polygraph, but promised not to reveal their secret until after they wed. So what do you think? Did they make it?! 

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