The hottest looks to woo your partner with this Fall


Woo your partner this fall with some of the hottest looks to try out this season.

Got your attention, didn’t I? Ahh, I know just how to. To be honest, even if me- someone who’s already very happily married- would want to update my skills on how to woo my man. I like to keep it hot- nay, I like to keep it sizzling. And so I got to thinking. What are the hottest looks to woo your partner with this fall? Let me count the ways.

1) Burgundy lips : Oh, what is it that I love about rich, deep, luxurious burgundy shades? That they are rich, deep and luxurious shades, of course. There’s just something about the intensity of burgundy that just instantly draws you in. Pair a deep burgundy lipstick with your favorite burgundy nail polish and I promise you, when you enter a room it won’t just be your partner’s eyes you have on you!

2) Come hither feline eyes : Nothing says ‘come hither’ better than long, fluttery lashes and a seductive feline flick. Strongly defined eyebrows, a soft blush and pale pink lips in combination with those eyes will make sure your partner’s eyes never leave your face this fall.

3) Black and brown smokey eye : Not just your average smokey eye, but so much more. I wear a delicious chocolate brown and black smokey eye combination on a night out, especially when I want to tone down the drama but maintain the glam quotient. Soften the look by using brown eyeliner instead of black and apply a good coat of mascara to complete this beautiful look.

4) Smoked eyeliner : Because it’s softer and sexier than simple black eyeliner. It’s so simple and the result so enamoring that it’s almost embarrassing. Line your eyes with eyeliner as you normally would and then simple diffuse the color with a cotton swab in an upward motion. Follow it with an eyeshadow of your choice. I usually use a delicate champagne shadow, but even a silver and black eyeshadow combination would work wonders.

5) Double-winged eyeliner : There’s the winged eyeliner and then there’s the double winged eyeliner and we all know that’s just better. Ideally, you’d extend the tip while lining the upper lash line with liner. This one’s just like that. Except you’d extend the tip of the liner while lining your lower lash liner. You can use kohl like I do to line your lower lashline because it makes for a more dramatic look, but regular black eyeliner will work just fine as well. This look would be great with soft berry lips. As a rule of thumb, if you’re playing up your eyes, go easy on the other features. Besides, with eyes this beautiful, there’s no way your partner’s going to be able to tear his gaze away from yours.

I think I might be onto something here. So if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, when it comes to winter make-up and wooing your man, these are a few of my favorite things. Try any one (or all 5!) of these hot looks this fall!

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