Running Late For Your Date? 7 Products For Polishing In A Pinch

late for date

Clock-friendly finds for freshening up on the fly.

You know what they say: "Time is on your side." Except when it's not, and thanks to [insert thing that ran over or catastrophe that took place here], you have to be ready for that already anxiety-inducing date in 20 minutes.

Whether you're running behind, or just don't want to pass up a last-minute meet-up, we've rounded up seven clock-friendly finds for freshening up on the fly.

Sonia Kashuk Matte Blotting Papers, $6.69

Before you let oily skin weigh you down, blot yourself beautiful with these absorbing papers from Sonia Kashuk. Not only do they cover more ground than some other leading brands, but they don't leave behind any residue — just a clean, matte (kissing) canvas.


Formula X for Sephora ASAP 3D Nail Appliques, $15

Manage between manicures with these foolproof (and futuristic) appliques from Sephora. They come in 15 designs for your paper-polishing pleasure, save for any nauseating fumes or sticky cleanup.


Bliss 'Fuzz' Off Facial Hair Removal Cream, $24

Protect yourself against hairy situations (without time or a salon on your side) with this tiny (yet game-changing) tube from Bliss. All you need is three minutes of privacy (cue the bathroom stall!) to return to your smooth, sexy former self.


Buxom Passport Collection The Day Tripper Collection, $39

Because you should never underestimate the power of a little color, turn that frown upside down with this convenient kit from Buxom. Featuring three eye shadows, two face shades, lip gloss and mascara (complete with tools) in one convenient zipper pouch, it proves the perfect "pick-me-up" purse companion.


Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo, $7.59

Buy time between blowouts (and root touch-ups) with this oil-absorbing (and volumizing) pick from Batiste. In addition to boasting a variety of hair shades for more transparency (say goodbye to those white streaks), it's more budget-friendly than some of its dry shampoo competitors.


GoSmile Fresh Mint Touch Up (7 Count), $10

Whether you're planning to energize on the commute or meeting up for a coffee date, make sure you stash some of these magic sticks in your satchel before heading out the door to help prevent stains and restore fresh breath post-sip (and pre-smooch).


Pinch Shemergency Kit, $35

Still feeling unprepared for that impromptu pairing? Look to this Shemergency Kit from Pinch. With 40 essential items (including everything from double-sided tape to tampons), you'll be equipped to tread even the hottest of waters.