30 Ways To Never Stop Learning Together

couple learning together

The couple that learns together, grows together.

23. Build a treehouse. If you have kids or nieces and nephews, this will be useful, but even if you don't, it'll be a fun project — and a good place to share a sweet kiss.

24. Take an improv class. Unleash your funny bone and discover what makes your partner really crack up.

25. Write a story together. Whether it's a children's book or a novel, you'll learn a lot by just working together with words.

26. Go to a shooting range. If you've both never held a gun before then this can definitely be a learning experience.

27. Take a road trip to a place you've never been. Hit the road, grab some maps and explore a new town or city together.

28. Act like tourists. Chances are, as long as you've been living in your city or town, you haven't even been to the top tourist attractions. Visit the landmarks together or take a city tour and discover more about where you live.

29. Play an adult game. Find an adult board game and play. You never know, you may try something new that you'll both like.

30. Act out each other's fantasies. It can be hard to talk about sex, but revealing your fantasies will improve your connection in and outside of the bedroom.

How do you and your partner learn together? Tell us in the comments below.