30 Ways To Never Stop Learning Together

couple learning together

The couple that learns together, grows together.

Welcome to 30 Days Of Love, our one-month initiative to bring you closer to the love you deserve just in time for Valentine's Day. Today, we're shining the spotlight on learning — and its role in a fulfilling relationship.

While it's important to gain knowledge just so you can grow as a person, it's even better when you have a partner to grow with. New experiences will teach you more about your partner and improve your relationship.

From trying new hobbies and skills to exploring new locations and activities, here are 30 ways to never stop learning together.

1. Volunteer. Give back — together. Spend the afternoon volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, working at a soup kitchen or at a local shelter. You'll help those in need and discover more about each other.

2. Learn a new language. Take a class, online course or download an app. If nothing else, saying just being able to say 'I love you' in another language to each other can be a whole lot sexier.

3. Take a cooking class. Sushi? Pasta? Ice cream? Learn how to master your favorite food once and for all. It'll make a fun date and also expand your dinner options.

4. Watch a new documentary every week. Film just makes learning so much better, and there are so many moving ones that come out every year. If you need a place to start then try watching Blackfish.

5. Visit a museum. Whether it's the Museum Of Sex, the Wax Museum or The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it's always interesting to brush up on something you both enjoy.

6. Attend a Trivia Night. You'll be surprised by the random facts the two of you know.

7. Try out for Jeopardy. Getting really good at trivia? Try out for Jeopardy. It could be an opportunity of a lifetime. Pair up as study buddies and apply!

8. Start a blog. Blog about something … anything! Your favorite sports team, your love for hiking, your relationship even. It'll give you both a new hobby and something special to share. 

9. Brew your own beer. You can build the equipment if you'd like, or just buy a kit online. If you're both beer lovers then you'll have fun making your own and serving it to guests.

10. Go wine tasting. If you're more of a wino then this could make a fun date and make you more knowledgeable about your drink of choice. In the end, you can buy new wine that you came across for a future date.

11. Take up a new instrument and do a duet together. Harmonica? Ukulele? Or, you can take up guitar, he can learn how to play bass, and you can make sweet music together.

12. Do yoga. It'll put you both in great shape, help you communicate and give you a way to blow off steam together.

14. Go scuba diving. Take the hands-on approach to learning about the world underneath us.

15. Attend a family reunion. It's always interesting to learn about each other's families by attending these events. 

16. Trace each other’s ancestory. This is a great way to understand yourselves and your history. Start researching your roots by going on ancestory.com.

17. Be an activist. It's important to always try and make a difference, so why not find a cause you both can get behind?

18. Explore religions or spirituality. Find out what's right for you both if you are questioning your own religion. If you're not questioning it at all then it's just great to learn about other religions to truly understand people that are different from you.

19. Take on a DIY project. Whether it's for your upcoming wedding, something around the house, or a gift, taking on a homemade project together will bring you closer together.

20. Find a new local event to attend. You may always go to one big event in your area, but you should try to explore your local paper for smaller or off-the-wall things like a farmers' market or rodeo.

21. Go to the zoo. Learn about the most majestic animals up close together.

22. Enroll in a dance class. There's nothing like spicing it up by learning to dance with each other. You both have great chemistry so why not take it to the dance floor? Watch out, Dancing With The Stars! Keep reading ...

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