2014 Grammy Nominees With The Sexiest Bods!

Katy Perry

See the hottest bods of music's biggest night!

Whether they take home a golden Gramophone or not at Sunday night's Grammy Awards, one thing's for sure: These sexy nominees hit the genetic (and sometimes gym rat) lottery!

Katy Perry
Katy Perry recently boasted that she prayed for big boobs She got them, and it's a good thing, too -- they may help people forget that singing live isn't her forte, so it gives the world something else to focus on during her performance this Sunday.
Pink, pictured here at the beach with husband Carey Hart, has the best abs in the business And quite possibly the best abs on the planet. You can do laundry on those things!
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in a bikini reminds us why men still put up with her stage-five clinger shenanigans and seventh grade crush mentality: The woman has legs for days
Rihanna's body won't quit And considering she's released an album a year for the past eight years, we doubt she'll quit anytime soon, either. Unless, of course, it's to post more risque Instagram shots.
Lana Del Rey
Even when Lana Del Rey takes it all off, there's a mystery about her, as well as a film noir, Old Hollywood, femme fatale vibe Seriously, didn't you almost mistake her for Veronica Lake or Rita Hayworth here?
All hail the Queen Bey! Beyonce is so stunning that she actually had H&M use only unretouched photos in her campaign for the brand The only way she could be any hotter is if she was, well, standing on the sun.