Dating Mr. Right Now: Why He's Perfect For The Present

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Dating someone you know isn't "The One"? Here's why that's perfectly fine.

Mr. Right Now: Why He's Perfect For The Present
While we love (or rather, the media loves) to glorify Mr. Right in romcoms and TV shows and books ... here's the dating secret that everyone is too scared to consider: there is no Mr. Right. There is only a Mr. Right Now and you should be dating him in the now.

"I believe that there are many Mr Rights. There are billions of people on the planet, imagine how many amazing people out there that would be a great match for each of us," says Martenson. "The possibilities are endless!"

Here's the thing: While you're so busy chasing down that perfect match, that soulmate, The One, there's a great individual (with whom you may not be perfectly compatible, but is perfect for you at the time) standing in front of you with open arms.

For my friend Dede, Rory was her Mr. Right Now. He was that imperfect match for her for two years. And while they didn't last, their relationship was a learning curve for her. They were both free to love each other without expectations or pressures about a mutual future. Dede was able to learn more about herself, study abroad, graduate from college and explore a new home city all under the security of Rory's love. And in many ways, she was the same for him: through his mother's cancer, and juggling a job with part-time school. Those were all experiences that would have been complicated had she found Mr. Right.