30 Days Of Love: Join Our Countdown To Valentine's Day!

30 days of love, valentine's day

How can you make every day feel like Valentine's Day? Let us count the ways—all 30 of them.

In 30 days, can you achieve an even healthier, happier and more fulfilling love life? Hell yes, we say. But what makes for a healthy, happy and fulfilling love life, anyway? And what does it take to get there? That's what we'll explore throughout the month ahead in an exciting journey we're calling 30 Days Of Love.

Traits like compassion, spontaneity and even seduction are the glue that holds the best relationships together and makes them thrive. So for 30 days—starting January 18th and extending through Valentine's Day weekend(!) to February 16th—we'll highlight one key element per day that lives at the heart of every healthy relationship—and offer a ton of practical tips for embracing it. 

We'll also feature a daily, 30-second video by YourTango's resident relationship expert, Charles J. Orlando. Through tough-love encouragement (because he doesn't do it any other way), Charles will shed further light on how to harness the power of love through each day's featured theme.   

Plus, we'll be launching giveaways and other surprises, so make sure to come back every day. The first theme on deck? Novelty...or as it's otherwise known, surprise! Tomorrow, we'll talk all about the brilliant ways to keep the excitement in your relationship by introducing the unexpected...

And we want to hear from you too. What's one thing you do to keep your relationship strong, secure and feeling like Valentine's Day everyday?

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