15 Oscar Winning Movies And The Couples That Could Have Been

brokeback mountain

Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Oscar nominations have been announced! That means it's time to look backwards to the couples that could have been if they had won or accepted these iconic roles. From Gone with the Wind to Avatar, there are a bevy of actors who could have won the big award if they had been cast in the movies we love.


Chicago won big at the Academy Awards, taking home trophies for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress and Best Costume Design, just to name a few The leading duo, however, could have easily been made up of any combination of Jennifer Aniston (Roxie), Christina Applegate (Roxie), Patricia Arquette (Roxie), Neve Campbell (Velma), Angelina Jolie (Velma), and Madonna (Velma).
Another big winner was Titanic We very nearly had a Jack and Rose played by Jennifer Anniston and Christian Bale, or Gabrielle Anwar and Billy Crudup!
Avatar was one of the biggest film successes (and a hit at the Academy Awards) due in large part to its leading couple What would you guys have thought of a Jake and Neytiri played by Emily Blunt and Matt Damon?
West Side Story won ten out of eleven Academy nominations, and for good reason But what would have happened if Maria was played by Ann-Margret, and Tony by Warren Beatty? Somehow, it wouldn't have been the same.
The Sound of Music is an instant classic and probably would have remained so with Yul Brynner as Captain Von Trapp, but could anyone believe Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn (great though she was) or Shirley MacLaine as Maria?
American Beauty was another big winner at the Oscars, taking home five awards Somehow, we don't think the film would have been such a hit with, say, Jessica Biel as Angela Hayes and Jeff Daniels as Lester Burnham. It just doesn't work.
Could you imagine a Brokeback Mountain without Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal? We certainly can't But that nearly happened when the casting team considered Ben Affleck and Mark Whalberg.
Dirty Dancing is iconic for two reasons: Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze But we nearly had a Baby played by Heather Graham or Kyra Sedgwick and a Johnny played by Billy Zane.
Forrest Gump’s leading couple will forever be Tom Hanks and Robin Wright However, we came close to seeing the big screen filled by Chevy Chase and Nicole Kidman!
The leading duo of Casablanca could never be replaced, but Rita Hayworth and Ronald Reagan sure tried!
Ghost will forever and always be the story of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore And while Kevin Bacon would have probably done a decent job as Sam, we simply cannot imagine a film with Kim Basinger or Geena Davis as Molly.
The King's Speech is wonderful not just for the relationship between George and Lionel, but for the one between George and Elizabeth Colin Firth does an amazing job with Helena Bonham Carter, who nearly had to star across from Robert Downey Jr!
Moulin Rouge is a piece of art and Academy winner just the way it is But things could have been very different with a leading couple of Jake Gyllenhaal and Courtney Love, or Heath Ledger and Renee Zellweger. (Fun fact: Ozzy Osbourne recorded the Green Fairy's evil laugh!)
We adore Shakespeare in Love as it is, and couldn't image a Shakespeare and Viola played by Kim Basinger and Russell Crowe
Gone with the Wind swept the th Academy Awards in 1940, winning Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, just to name two of the ten wins from thirteen nominations. Vivien Leigh could never be replaced by Lucille Ball or Joan Crawford, and the one and only Rhett will always be Clark Gable, not Ronald Colman or Errol Flynn.