Six Suggestions for Planning Your Destination Wedding


Are you planning to tie the not this year, and looking for a fun, exotic place to do it?

Experiencing a destination wedding in an exotic setting may seem a faraway fantasy. While organizing such an event can seem overwhelming, careful planning and consideration can make it a reality.

The Location

For every budget and style, there is a destination: a romantic European venue, the grandeur of Australia's Cropley House, a tropical Caribbean beach, or even a picturesque setting stateside. Whatever the choice, it is wise to establish a head count before a down payment is made on a wedding or reception site. The size of the guest list will help determine location.

Plan Ahead

Book the venue well in advance to avoid any issues that lead to having the wedding at a second choice location. Many hotels and resorts will reserve a group of rooms at a discounted price for guests, so ask for as many rooms as needed. Airfare, passports and vacation time also should be factored into the planning, for the couple as well as guests.

The Weather

Review the seasonal weather patterns of the area. Even though weather predictions are not always dependable, it's a good idea to know about storm or hurricane seasons if the wedding venue is on a tropical island. It's also a good idea to opt for travel insurance. There are a lot of things about your wedding day that you can control, but weather isn't one of them. Plan ahead to know what to expect, and have a good plan B prepared so you can still enjoy your special day.

Established Vendors

Most vendors expect a deposit before rendering their services, therefore it is advisable to research florists, photographers, caterers and musicians before paying. Meet with vendors ahead of time or use a wedding coordinator that can find legitimate, professional vendors. Avoid things that might sound too good to be true, and don't be afraid to ask for referrals. If a businiess or vendor is legitimate and trustworthy enough to have all of the details right on your wedding day, they should be able to provide you with a good assurance of that.

Guest Consideration

Friend and family attending a destination wedding will be spending quite a bit of money to take part in this special occasion. It is proper etiquette to furnish instructions as to transportation from the airport to the wedding location. Ensure a wide variety of accommodation options for the varying budget needs of guests. You might be tempted to over-plan the occasion and fill an itinerary with activities, but an important guest consideration involves ample down time. Give your guests the opportunity to explore the local of the wedding and enjoy their own activities.


As with any wedding, there may be issues, problems or snags that pop up. Being in a foreign location and dealing with unfamiliar language and local customs may magnify these aggravations. It is important to remain calm and then focus on making the situation better. It is a good idea for the couple to arrive earlier than the scheduled nuptials to contain or prevent any problems that may arise.

Above all, remember that getting married is a moment to cherish. What makes the ideal destination wedding is the bride, the groom, and the love of family and friends.