New Trend Alert? Men Are Dressing Up Like Female Sex Dolls

female doll

There's a new way men are turning into beautiful women, and it involves less makeup and more rubber

We all should all really be thankful for reality shows and documentaries, since both of these genres really dive into the secret lives of people. For example, we now have a great understanding of hoarders, extreme couponers, and crazy pageant moms. Now it's time to let 'maskers' shine!

Maskers are men who put on 'second skin' or fake rubber skin in order to look like a female, which in turns looks like a sex doll because of the rubber. The reveal of this interesting lifestyle is all thanks to a British documentary called Secrets of The Living Dolls. The creepy title is actually fitting once you see the emotionless rubber faces of the maskers. 

In the clip of the documentary, you'll see people stare at one masker as he is walking down the street. He talks about loving the attention. It seems like these men want to feel beautiful — and even get encouraging responses from other men through catcalls.

Watch the clip of the documentary here: 'Secrets Of The Living Dolls' Documentary Sheds Light On Men Who Wear Women 'Second Skins' (VIDEO)

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