5 Creative Dates That Encourage Conversation


Some dates are conversation-killers while others are conversation-starters.

When you go on the highly prosaic movie date, both of you sit silently for the majority of the date with very little connection to each other. When you are going on your first few dates with someone, you need to take steps to ensure that you have a chance to talk. The tired movie date is never going to allow you to accomplish this. To inspire meaningful conversation with you date which will allow you to know each other on a deeper level, you'll need to get a little creative. If you feel like your creativity may be somewhat lacking, here are 5 suggestions for creative dates that foster conversation to get your mental juices flowing.


1. Go to an Art Gallery

A great way to get to know someone through an interesting conversation is to schedule an art gallery visit. Most areas have some sort of art museum or display that locals have often never visited. Whether you're viewing Monet, Pollock, or just a bunch of quilts, you'll have a great opportunity to discuss your views on the merits of each work. The art will also allow you to delve deeper into philosophical ideas and attitudes if you'd like rather than just surface opinions. If your relationship develops farther, you'll always have fond memories of the location as a place that helped you on your journey. Who knows? You could even have your wedding there someday!


2. Fairs

If there is a fair or carnival around your area, then take the opportunity to use it for a date that will have plenty of opportunities for conversation. Check your local calendars to see what local events are approaching in your area. It might be an international festival that will allow you each to talk about your family heritage or a craft fair you can wander together and discuss your hobbies. Whatever the even is, while you are walking around the fair, you will have lots of chances to start conversations about the fun things you see and do.


3. Go Outdoors

Often times, the simplest dates are the best. You can go for a long walk or bike-ride in an area of local natural beauty. While you are walking or biking, it's natural to have conversations. The peace and beauty of nature usually encourages interesting discussions that allow you to get to know your date better. If you want to impress your date, learn some of the names of local flora and fauna that you can point out. Without the usual hum of dating activity to distract you both, you'll be able to enjoy the simple purity of unguarded conversation.


4. Golfing

If you prefer to have a little more structure to your dates, grabbing some quality corporate golf balls and heading out to the local course to play a round can be a great option. A date on a golf course will allow you to talk a lot as you walk down the fairways, but will also provide you with some activity to keep your momentum going. Even if you or your date have never played golf before, you'll have fun learning and laughing together.


5. Make a Movie

Working together creatively gives you a great chance to get to know each other better and to learn how compatible you are. By making a simple home movie, you have the chance to get a feel for personality and learn how your date thinks. Brainstorm ideas for a simple plot together and decide how to best execute it. You might be the actors yourself or choose to use puppets or stop-motion animation to bring your project to life. Doing a project together will allow you to get a real sense of how the person operates in life. If you can't accomplish a fun thing together peacefully, its probably a good sign you aren't really compatible.


These five date ideas will all give you the opportunity you need to talk with your date. Before choosing something to do, be sure to consult your date's tastes. Tailoring your creative activity to both your preferences will show your thoughtfulness and real interest. Try one of these suggestions or come up with your own idea to foster conversation. But for heaven's sake, don't make anyone sit through another boring movie date!