Is Sex Addiction A 'Real' Problem?

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It's about a lot more than just a crazy-strong sex drive.

What is sex addiction? Is it a "real" problem? Relationship experts Sue Butler, Andre Moore, Cheryl Gerson, and Christopher Smith sat down to speak with YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman about this complex issue.

To explain what sex addiction is, the experts first take a look at the root of the word "addiction".  Turns out, no matter how you define it, it's a pervasive problem for many couples. In actuality the problem starts early: sex addiction is often borne out of early trauma. The key is to find out how sex addiction is affecting the person in general, how you call it should not matter. This is a process addiction which is very different from a substance addiction. In order to beat this you have to live in the addiction to beat this. Many believe that sex addiction is not a real thing, but it truly is. This addiction can ruin your life because it is no hard to control and get a grip of. All your relationships can be destroyed due to this.

Check out the video about to learn the difference between a substance and a process addiction, plus discover more information about how to treat the issue and free yourself from it.