5 Things Every Indian Wedding Has


Indian weddings are a grand affair where some of the best decorations, banquets, garbs and music.

Every Indian wedding overflows with customs, rituals and beautiful colours. There are arrangements made for the guests to enjoy as well as involve in the ceremony for a wholesome experience. Besides, the bride and groom are garbed and embellished in some of the costliest attires that have deep rooted stories hidden underneath the fabrics. Most important of all an Indian wedding is a grand galore of colourful traditions and religious symbolic that come together with vivid hues to result in a grand ceremony. The meaningful ceremonies are thousands of years old and the verses that are chanted purify the mind and soul of all the witnesses. Hence symbolic elements comprising an Indian wedding ceremony are many but this article discusses five important elements that any ceremony couldn’t do without in India.

1. Wedding invitations: The stationery used to craft out the delicate Indian wedding invitation card is sourced from some of the best presses and card makers. The brand new trend of this digital age is inviting guests through a personalised wedding website. Several couples are following this trick to save some money on the cash that drains behind paper printed wedding invitations. Besides it is convenient, hip and cool too!

2. Indian wedding jewellery: The bridal jewellery is well known across the globe for its visual appeal. Intricate designs and beautiful patterns adorn every single piece ranging from a simple gold nose ring to a silver anklet. The reason why every bride in India is garbed with costly jewels and gems has a deep rooted history that is why every Indian community stresses on bridal jewellery and hence it symbolises the culture and traditions that the country has. Besides it is a mark of the lifestyle of the family and is a representation of the bride’s possessions.

3. Marriage astrology: Through marriage astrology, horoscopes of brides and grooms are prepared that describe their personality and future basing on the various planetary positions. Besides marriage astrology offers a compatibility analysis to measure the likelihood of success in a couple’s togetherness depending on which most arranged marriages are fixed. In the case of love marriage also this trend is followed to gauge the success of the hitch. This is a type of future prediction that makes note of the couple’s birth times, dates and periods and these are used to come up with the perfect time of all the ceremonies in the period of marriage. All in all, no Indian marriage is complete without marriage astrology.

4. The reception party: The extravagant Indian wedding is made even more vibrant on the reception day. This is the day when both the families simply eat, enjoy and dance away to the DJ’s tunes because on this day there is no ceremonial formality to follow. It is a grand post wedding ceremony that is attended by a close group of friends and relatives who celebrate the togetherness of the newlyweds. On this day the couple gives their first public appearance together and in return they receive blessings and gifts from the society. Amidst royal decor and a scrumptious spread of some of the best traditional delicacies, this day is a real treat for the invitees.

5. Last but not the least, no Indian wedding is complete without the traditional Band Bajaa and Baraat or the brass band party that accompanies the groom when he approaches the bride’s home for the nuptial ceremony.
All in all Indian weddings are made in heaven for the bride and groom are made to feel like a king and queen all through the long drawn ceremony that lasts days and sometimes weeks. It is a sacrament that not only celebrates togetherness but also unites two families.